Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holee Mackeral!!

I am tired (pronounced tarr'd). Bri and I hosted a Powerstroke® triathlon clinic today. It was a good crew and a good day, but talking and being animated for six hours straight is pretty draining. We decided to videotape everyone and we'll be burning DVDs shortly.

I finally sat down yesterday and started figuring out how to edit video on the Mac, they make it pretty easy to get the basics done at least. The more advanced stuff is going to require a learning curve.

I was supposed to do a long run yesterday or today, but it ain't happening. I am tarr'd.

Last night we had a team social/happy hour for the masters swim crew; it was a solid turnout and a lot of fun. Tassie chased everyone around and then collapsed in exhaustion before the end of the party.

Next week we start evening practices. Come on out and swim with us!

College football is back.

That is all.

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