Tuesday, January 6, 2009

does money buy happiness?

No, it does not.

So my planned weekly training schedule for the next few weeks:

Monday: short run w drills, PM master swim
Tuesday: track workout, PM kung fu
Wednesday: AM masters swim, lunch group ride (I will drop off the first few weeks)
Thursday: AM easy-steady trail run, PM cross bike or mountain bike ride
Friday: AM short swim, L optional easy run w drills, PM kung fu
Saturday: long run, short ride, short swim
Sunday, long ride, short run

My New Years resolution was to read more and drink less beer. I'm allowed 1 beer at dinner during the work-week (2 if I beg nicely) unless it's a special occasion. This should help get me back into skinny triathlete mode. And clean out Leon the Liver.

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Anonymous said...

Marty... perhaps this poster will answer your question!! :)


Hope you and Bri had a great Christmas!

- Kristin